Information on the measures taken by Respiratory Homecare Solutions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 for its customers and patients

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Updated March 19, 2020

Information on the measures implemented by Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) to control the spread of COVID-19 for its employees, patients and customers

Air Liquide Healthcare and its entities worldwide have enacted pandemic and patient service continuity plans that are in compliance with the measures recommended by the health authorities at this time. We are extremely sensitive to the situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Over the past few weeks, Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) has been mobilizing to protect the health and safety of its employees, patients and customers. We’ve taken action to ensure critical patient services are continued for all oxygen patients and we will provide sleep care services to urgent care patients only, as deemed necessary by a physician. While providing our continued services we will be strictly following government-imposed guidelines.

As part of our effort to support governments in containing the coronavirus, effective March 18, 2020, we have made the decision to suspend all non-urgent sleep care services at all of our locations until further notice. We’ve also implemented initiatives to reduce the need for people to come to our offices by activating home office work environments for all applicable roles. The needs of our patients are of utmost importance. To provide continuation of health services to our patients, we will offer patient consultations and assessments by phone or through online communications. We will also offer shipment options for replacement sleep product(s) and provide equipment for our oxygen patients.

Employees who continue to work with home oxygen or sleep patients will work with strict hospital and patient safety protocols. We will apply additional strict infection control procedures to protect our patients and our team. Our pandemic plan provides for the supply of medical gases, oxygen therapy and ventilation devices while following government-imposed guidelines. Disinfection measures at our sites have been reinforced and teams are mobilized to increase deliveries to our customers if necessary.

For patient assistance, information on our service offering, clinic hours or temporary clinic closures, call us at 1-800-839-9046.

We would like to reassure you that Air Liquide Healthcare and Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) is committed to serving health care professionals and our patients while protecting the health of our employees. Thank you for your continued trust and ongoing relationship with us as a healthcare provider.

Chris Mendonca

Vice President, Healthcare – Canada