Update on COVID-19 and Oxygen Concentrators Availability

Updated April 3, 2020

At Respiratory Homecare Solutions, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our employees, patients, customers and the health communities we serve. We are working closely with our collaborators in the Long Term Care and Retirement Communities to ensure the continuity of oxygen and oxygen supply devices to all of our customers and patients.

To achieve this objective, we are asking our collaborator communities to maintain their existing levels of backup concentrators.  For equipment orders in process with a purchase order, we will work with our suppliers to give you lead times to delivery based on their availability.

This will ensure we have the resources to mobilize equipment, where and when it is needed. If you require additional equipment for a specific resident, our 24/7 on call response team can arrange a same-day contact free delivery.

Our clinicians work with strict hospital and patient safety protocols. Our business continuity plan in case of a pandemic ensures the supply of medical gases, oxygen therapy and ventilation devices, in coordination with healthcare professionals and authorities. Disinfection measures at our sites have been reinforced and teams are mobilized to ensure close monitoring of needs to increase deliveries to our customers when necessary.

Our plan includes:

  • Contact free oxygen delivery supply exchange on the porch/entrance of patient homes where possible;
  • Completing follow-up assessments only once cleared by the public health authorities, unless otherwise directed; and
  • In compliance with Health Canada recommendations and our local collaborators, PPE will be worn for in-person visits where applicable (Infection control practices and N95 respirator fit tests).

Thank you for your continued trust and ongoing relationship with us as a healthcare provider. Although we are going through an unprecedented time, we are here to support you and our healthcare system.