Service For Life

We offer ongoing patient support for all sleep patients!

Service for Life™ is the RHS Difference!

Service for Life™ is our sleep therapy support program that provides you with long term patient care. It is our commitment to you and your health! We provide unlimited access to expert sleep care to ensure you are successful with your CPAP therapy. Service for Life™ includes no-charge scheduled follow-ups, assistance with equipment setup, remote adjustments and mask guarantees. Our Service for Life™ program is offered to all of our patients who are under our care for sleep apnea treatment. We are here to support you so you get the sleep you need and live a healthier life.

We offer ongoing patient support for all CPAP patients!

Accredited Team of Therapists

Our sleep professionals are trained through the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

Scheduled Follow-up

 Regular follow-up to support your CPAP therapy and answer any questions or concerns.

Warranty & Guarantees

We have a mask fit guarantee and offer replacement equipment during warranty claims.

Remote Adjustments

Convenient adjustment of CPAP therapy pressures remotely (in most cases).

Promotional Offers

Special pricing for replacement equipment and accessories.

Equipment Assistance

We assist you with your CPAP equipment set-up and provide long-term support.

Complimentary Appointments

Full access to our sleep professionals and exceptional care at no additional cost.

Data Reporting & Monitoring

CPAP compliance monitoring and evaluation to ensure effective custom treatment.

Premium Support

We support you and your CPAP treatment to ensure comfort and success with your therapy.

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