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Ray, or “Mr. RHS” to many, is one of our first hired and most recognized employees. Ray is passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients including those traveling with oxygen and is an integral member of the RHS family.

Meet RAY

If you've visited our head office in Calgary, you've likely been welcomed by a giant smile and a warm greeting by Susana. Susana represents RHS in every way and we feel very fortunate to have her as part of the RHS family.


Join Our Team

RHS is known for its passionate and highly trained team of respiratory therapists and accredited sleep specialists who provide home oxygen therapy, sleep apnea testing, diagnosis and sleep apnea treatment. All members of our team share the same goal: to provide the best level of patient care, education and experience in the field of respiratory services. We have over 50 locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario where we have built a reputation for providing outstanding patient care.  Our business is built on a strong team of dedicated individuals who are committed to improving a patient’s health and well-being.
Why join the RHS Team?

  • Nationally Accredited by Accreditation Canada
  • 15 years of respiratory therapy experience in Canada
  • Ability to develop ongoing relationship with patients
  • Career opportunities in a variety of roles and departments
  • Commitment to ongoing education

RHS is always looking for passionate new members to join our team in a variety of diverse roles that offer career opportunities throughout Canada

      For inquiries relating to current or future job opportunities that may not be listed on this page, please contact our HR department at: Thank you.