Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to exceed expectations!

Our Vision

RHS CANADA INC. will design and integrate efficient, comprehensive programs, products and services for the cardio-respiratory community. Our business will expand nationally with locally owned partnerships. RHS CANADA INC. will ensure a safe, nurturing work environment that provides growth opportunities both personally and professionally. Our success will be measured by the satisfaction of those whom we partner, those we employ and those we have the privilege to serve.

Our Values

Nurture positive relationships with those who have, and will, entrust us with their business and care.
Deliver on our promise of Service for Life. ™
Care for our patients, each other and the community as we wish ourselves and our families to be cared for.
Be open, transparent and act with impartiality to uphold the trust of all our stakeholders.
Embrace opportunities that will further our focus as a comprehensive cardio-respiratory company.
Constantly reflect to ensure our mission and vision remains in view.