Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

RHS CANADA INC. will design and integrate efficient, comprehensive programs, products and services for the cardio-respiratory community. Our business will expand nationally with locally owned partnerships. RHS CANADA INC. will ensure a safe, nurturing work environment that provides growth opportunities both personally and professionally. Our success will be measured by the satisfaction of those whom we partner, those we employ and those we have the privilege to serve.

Our Values


Nurture positive relationships with those who have, and will, entrust us with their business and care.


Be open, transparent and act with impartiality to uphold the trust of all our stakeholders.

Our Mission Is To Exceed Expectations!


Deliver on our promise of Service for Life.™


Care for our patients, each other and the community as we wish ourselves and our families to be cared for.


Embrace opportunities that will further our focus as a comprehensive cardio-respiratory company.


Constantly reflect to ensure our mission and vision remains in view.

Our Patient’s Rights

Big Picture
Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) is committed to establishing a foundation of understanding and respect for the rights and responsibilities of their patient community by ensuring that RHS patients, their families and care providers clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.

Our Practice
Effective health care for our patients involves open and honest communication, respect for personal and professional values and sensitivity to cultural, racial, linguistic, religious, age, gender and other differences as well as the needs of persons with disabilities.

The Details
Informed Consent

  • RHS patients have the right to accurate and easily-understood information about the purpose, expected benefits, risks and side effects of the diagnostic and/or treatment services or therapy that they have been referred for.
  • RHS patients will be made aware of any reasonable alternatives and the likely consequences of not having these services/therapy.
  • RHS patients that speak another language will be provided access to an interpreter in order to assist in making informed health care decisions.

Respect and Non-Discrimination

  • RHS patients have the right to considerate and respectful care. We all share in this responsibility.

Confidentiality of Health & Personal Information

  • RHS patients have the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to his/her care are treated as confidential. Under the provincial Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA-AB and PIPA-BC) and (PHIPA) Personal Health Information Protection Act- Ontario, Respiratory Homecare Solutions has a responsibility to protect the personal information of our customers as well as our employees
  • Personal information of our patients is collected for the purpose of identification and to provide ongoing service. Patient’s personal information may be disclosed to referring physicians, service providers or to persons whom we are satisfied are requesting the information in order to provide our patients with ongoing continuity of care.

Choice of Providers

RHS patients have the right to choose a respiratory homecare service provider that will provide them the highest quality care they deserve.

Access to 24-hour Service

RHS patients have the right to timely access to care appropriate to their needs. Respiratory Homecare Solutions provides an After-Hours-Answering Service to meet these needs during emergency and/or time sensitive events.

Participation in Treatment Decisions

RHS patients have the right to be involved in their treatment and care plans and have the right to refuse a recommended treatment or plan of care to the extent permitted by law. In case of such refusal, patients will be informed of the medical consequences of this action and advised of other appropriate care or services available.

Parents, guardians, family members, or others that you select can represent you if you cannot make your own decision.

In the case of refusal of treatment, the patient’s referring physician or care provider will be immediately informed.

Continuity of Care

RHS patients have the right to expect reasonable continuity of care when appropriate and to be informed of available and realistic patient care options when current treatment plans are no longer appropriate.

External Resources

http://www.health.gov.ab.ca Alberta’s Health Information Act Guidelines and Practices Manual
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“BC Act”)

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