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RHS offers Oxygen Equipment
for your Oxygen Needs!

RHS offers Oxygen Equipment
for your Oxygen Needs!

The RHS Oxygen Therapy Team

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists will assess your oxygen needs to provide you the best service and equipment for your needs. We want you to regain independence and live your life to its fullest. We offer a wide selection of oxygen products and provide hassle-free assessments, testing and application for oxygen service funding.

Patient Education

Oxygen Equipment

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists will assist you to choose the home oxygen system and a portable oxygen system that best meets your health needs, your prescription and lifestyle.

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Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen tanks have a limited amount of oxygen compressed within each tank and are inhaled by the user until the oxygen runs out. RHS delivers oxygen tanks on a weekly basis.

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  • Allows Mobility
  • Continuous Oxygen Supply up to 15lpm
  • Pulse Oxygen flow up to 6lpm.

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is an electrical unit that produces oxygen by concentrating it from room air. The concentrator can provide a continuous supply of oxygen when plugged in.

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  • Continuous Oxygen
  • Powered by electrical outlet.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are light and compact making them ideal for outings and travel.

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  • Continuous Oxygen Supply only up to 3lpm.
  • Pulse Oxygen flow up to 6lpm
  • Powered by plugging it into an electrical outlet or rechargeable battery
  • Car Adapters available for use while driving.
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Home Fill Oxygen System

Home Fill Oxygen systems are advanced, high capacity equipment for the home that combines oxygen concentrators and a filling station to meet the needs of oxygen patients.

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  • Re-fill your own oxygen tanks.
  • Tank deliveries not required

Travelling with Oxygen


Yes, you can travel with approved portable oxygen concentrators on airplanes!  RHS can provide you the oxygen equipment you need so you can embrace your passion for travel, easily visit family far away or fly to your favorite vacation spots. Check out our helpful tips so you can travel stress-free with your oxygen equipment.

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Travel Tips

Call RHS to discuss your travel plans, get advice and book your oxygen travel equipment.

Check your Airline’s oxygen travel policies and requirements when carrying oxygen on-board your flight.

Before Traveling Schedule a Pre-Trip Medical Exam with your Doctor
  • Discuss your oxygen needs
  • Obtain a letter of medical necessity that includes your oxygen flow-rate with altitude considerations.
  • Present this letter to the airline before you board your plane.

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