RHS offers Oxygen Equipment for your Oxygen Needs!

The RHS Oxygen Therapy Team

Our oxygen therapy program utilizes advanced oxygen equipment and offers the latest in technological innovations. We have extensive patient education programs and we provide customized home oxygen treatment to cater to your individual needs.

A registered respiratory therapist will assist you with your oxygen set-up and ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from oxygen therapy. We are here to provide you with ongoing support.

Oxygen Equipment

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists will assist you to choose the home oxygen system and a portable oxygen system that best meets your health needs, your prescription and lifestyle.

Oxygen Therapy
Patient Reference Book is available for download:

Oxygen Therapy Booklet

Oxygen Cylinders & Tanks

Oxygen is stored in the gaseous form, compressed and under high pressure in an oxygen cylinder or oxygen tank. There are many cylinder & tank sizes available. Smaller sizes may be used for outings or to back-up another system.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are light and compact making them ideal for daily activities and travel. A POC provides oxygen in either Pulse flow or Continuous flow (depending on model). They are powered by an electrical outlet or with a rechargeable battery. Car adapters are available for use while driving.

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a stationary device that creates supplementary oxygen. It removes other gases in the air and provides high purity supplemental oxygen.

Concentrators are:
• Cost-efficient
• Low maintenance and don’t require refilling
• Easy to use in the home when you do not
need to move the unit around
• Powered by an electrical outlet

Travelling with Oxygen


You Can Travel On Airplanes With Oxygen!
Travelling with oxygen on airplanes is possible with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). With some planning, the RHS team can help you with the oxygen equipment you need to make your trip happen.

Traveling Soon?

Contact your RHS clinic at least 3 weeks prior to your departure. We’ll get your equipment needs organized and ready for your trip!

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