Löwenstein Positive Airway Pressure Devices. Now available!

Lowenstein Medical Prisma Smart Max and Soft Max devices provide the utmost comfort regardless of your therapy needs. The PrismaSmartMax and SoftMax offer a sophisticated algorithm providing different pressure settings built specifically to your unique needs. Enjoy a classic easy-to-read display, simple user navigation and a night of more comfortable sleep with the softPAP pressure relief setting.  *CPAP device available only in white.

Prisma PAP Machine Models

Lowenstein Medical Prisma Smart MaxLowenstein Medical Prisma Soft Max 
The Prisma Smart Max is an advanced, high-quality auto-CPAP device that offers unique comfort therapies for personalized treatment.The Prisma Soft Max fixed CPAP device offers precise event detection and a high level of therapy comfort.

Features include

  • Sleek design
  • Quiet while in use
  • Built-in website app for tracking and managing your treatment



Settings to slowly raise the pressure, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably.
Better comfort through reduced pressure during exhalation.
Quieter motor for you and your bed partner.



Lowenstein Manual – English


Ontario Patients – Lowenstein medical devices are not covered under the ADP program.

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