Service for Life Program

RHS Service for LifeTM Membership Program

A program with the primary purpose of ensuring RHS patients on CPAP therapy are provided with Service for LifeTM. Yes, having access to care after buying a CPAP machine IS important and is one of main factors that will determine if you will use and benefit from CPAP therapy.

  • Complete program access to program when buying equipment at any RHS location
  • Complete access to registered clinicians for troubleshooting in-person at any RHS location
    or by phone or email
  • A commitment to working with you to help you stay compliant using your CPAP
  • Unlimited titration of therapeutic pressures (as clinically necessary)
  • Unlimited retesting of therapeutic pressures (as clinically necessary)
  • No-charge equipment compliance data downloading
  • Scheduled follow-ups for troubleshooting, support, and more
  • Access to in-home wireless monitoring (as clinically necessary)
  • Industry updates on new and emerging technology advancements and more
  • Replenishment discounts on masks, tubing, and machines
  • Free masks and accessories through our Refer a Friend Program – COMING SOON
  • An extensive guarantee on all new mask purchases
  • Immediate access to equipment replacement during warranty periods
  • Discounted pricing on extended warranties
  • A company who cares and will work hard to exceed your expectations