Wide Awake Workforce

We are here for you & your employees

We are here for you and your employees

Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) is an accredited home care provider offering work-related sleep education, sleep apnea screening, home sleep apnea testing and CPAP treatment for companies. RHS’s highly-trained team delivers premium sleep services and custom patient care for your employees. Our compliance program ensures successful treatment and assists those employees who may require additional support during treatment. Our services can be integrated into existing employment testing processes to maximize efficiencies for employees.

Know the Risks

Untreated sleep apnea presents huge workplace risk and public safety issues for organizations that employ truck drivers or other high-risk roles that are dependent on the health of their employees.

Estimated that nearly one in three commercial truck drivers suffer from mild to severe OSA.

Drivers with undiagnosed OSA have an increased risk (2 to 7 times) of falling asleep at the wheel.

Did you Know?

1 in 5
Adults have OSA

9% of 30-60 Year Old Women
24% of 30-60 Year Old Men
28.1% of Commercial Drivers

What are the benefits of a Sleep Apnea Workplace Program?


Inform employees on the dangers and possible consequences of untreated sleep apnea

Lead the Industry

Be a leader in occupational safety in the transport industry or other high risk industries.

Increase Public Safety

Reduce loss of life or serious injuries during the workday caused by untreated sleep apnea.

Reduce Costs

Save on employee medical costs,
increase employee retention and
increase productivity.

Sleep Apnea is Treatable

With sleep treatment and compliance, employees who suffer from sleep apnea can reduce the risk of impaired performance on the job.
Our Role in Your Employees Care


Our Wide Awake Workforce program provides testing and treatment for sleep apnea or other sleep disorders that may cause workplace fatigue. RHS also provides coaching and support to ensure the best results and comfort are achieved with sleep treatment. Contact us today for more information.

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