What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious and life-threatening sleep disorder. OSA occurs when a person stops breathing or has pauses in their breathing during sleep resulting in disrupted sleep and deprivation of oxygen to the body. Untreated sleep apnea leads to serious health conditions, chronic fatigue and workplace consequences.

Impact of Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea

To The Individual

In The Workplace

Mental Health
• Depression & Anxiety1,2

• Forgetfulness1,3
• Irritability & Moodiness1,4

Health Risks
• Heart Attack1
• Congestive Heart Failure1,5
• Increased Blood Pressure1,6,7
• Stroke1,8,9
• Type II Diabetes1,10
• Obesity1,11

Compensatory Behaviours
• Substance Abuse
• Tobacco & Alcohol Abuse
• Excessive & Unsafe Use Of Energy Products
(pill and liquid forms)

• Chronic Use Of Sedating Medications

untrated sleep apnea

Increased Costs
• Absenteeism1
• Workplace Accidents1,12
• Under performance1

Loss Of Productivity
• Difficulty Concentrating1,13
• Chronic Daytime Fatigue1
• Poor Communication1,4
• Negative Workplace Behavior1,4
• Workplace Stress1

Risk To Public & Community
• Motor Vehicle Accidents1,8,14
• Increased Risk To Public Safety1
• Serious Injury Or Death1



Untreated OSA costs businesses $86.9 billion a year in lost productivity.1


Employees with untreated OSA are nearly 2 times more likely to have a workplace accident due to excessive daytime sleepiness.12


Commercial drivers with undiagnosed OSA have an increased risk (2-7 times) of falling asleep at the wheel.1,14

Screening For OSA

Organizations that target OSA have seen substantial cost savings by reducing workplace absences, improving employee health, reducing workplace accidents and increasing productivity. Company-wide screening programs are effective to ensure all employees have easy access to OSA screening, testing and sleep apnea treatment programs while having a positive impact on an organization’s culture, performance and safety.

About RHS Wide Awake Workforce

The Wide Awake Workforce (WAW) is a division of RHS that offers workplace fatigue assessments, sleep apnea testing and treatment programs. The WAW’s accredited team of sleep professionals are dedicated to improving the sleep health of employees that results in increased organizational productivity, improved workplace safety and profitability. Our proven sleep apnea treatment programs can be conveniently implemented company-wide.

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Provide Service for LifeTM (SFL) our long-term employee treatment support program.

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