Sleep Tips For A Smooth Back-To-School Transition

After a summer of late nights and laid-back mornings, it’s likely your whole family will need to adjust to earlier bedtimes and morning alarms. Sliding into a back-to-school routine is crucial for the overall health of your family especially for your own sleep and sanity as a parent. Make the transition from summer to school smoother with these sleep tips.

Set Up a Bedtime Routine

Work backwards from the time you want everyone to be sleeping. Pick out outfits and make sure backpacks and lunches are packed the night before. Ensuring your family is organized will help you get to bed on time too!

Calculate the Number of Hours of Sleep Your Family Needs

Children between the ages of three and five need 10 to 13 hours of sleep per night; kids ages six to thirteen generally require 9 to 11 hours of sleep; and teenagers between 14 and 17 need 8 to 10 hours. Grown adults need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Avoid Sleep Stress or Meltdowns Before Bed

Plan activities that will help you and the kids wind down. Create a calm environment with bubble baths, bedtime stories and quiet time. Consistency is key so they’ll know what to expect each night.

Reduce Caffeine and Avoid Drinking Alcohol Before Bed

Cut back on caffeine and sugar which stimulate the nervous system and impede quality of sleep. It’s best to limit all fluid intake an hour before bed and reduce caffeinated beverages approximately six hours prior to bedtime.

Limit Technology

Turn off screens – tablets, phones & computers well before bedtime. Technology increases the brain activity and device “glow” has been shown to delay the release of melatonin, which signals your brain that it’s time to sleep. All ages should unplug at least an hour before bedtime to help the brain prepare for a good night’s rest.


September is a great time to re-establish sleep habits and cleaning routines. Keeping your CPAP machine & equipment clean is an important part of your sleep health.

Wipe Your Mask Daily
Use mask wipes to clean your mask to improve the seal & reduce the chance of skin irritation or breakouts.Try The SoClean®
SoClean® sanitizes & disinfects your mask, hose and machine. No disassembly required!Replace Water Nightly
Use fresh distilled water so bacteria doesn’t grow in the humidifier chamber.Use Distilled Water
Prevent build up of minerals that are found in tap water and could damage your machine.Clean All Parts Weekly

Disassemble mask, hose and humidifier chamber to complete a thorough cleaning of all parts.