To Whom It May Concern

Respiratory Home Care Solutions has asked me to write this letter regarding their services and it is my pleasure to do so.

During my 6 years of practice in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, I have had extensive interaction with Respiratory Home Care Solutions for provisions of oxygen, CPAP and BIPAP products and services. I have found their patient care and service to be consistently excellent which, I am certain, has improved patient outcome as well as the efficiency of my practice.

I frequently hear comments by my patients regarding the high level of service, compassion and technical expertise of therapists RHS. Similarly, this company rates very highly on formal surveys of service and satisfaction. I am especially impressed with their ability to deal with complex patients, such as those with poor CPAPA mask tolerance, anxiety or poor compliance for other reasons. I have been amazed by the time invested in some patients to ensure successful outcome.

Importantly, their communication with me, my staff and my patients is exemplary.

In the end I have no doubt my patients, referred to this company, receive the highest quality of care possible.

To Whom It May Concern – 4 April 2003

This letter is written on behalf of Mr. Rod Rousseau. It is intended as a summary of my professional interactions with him, and a recommendation.

My first interaction with Mr. Rousseau occurred at Alberta Aids to Daily Living, Alberta Health approximately six years ago. In my role as a Medical Consultant, I had the opportunity to interact professionally with Mr. Rousseau in matters of respiratory physiology and medicine, patient care, and health care planning. Besides his work as a respiratory consultant in that organization, he was also designated as the primary organizer of the Alberta Health CPAP program. In his activities at Alberta Health, Mr. Rousseau was outstanding in his accomplishment and in his interactions with staff, as well as patients and their physicians. He showed a remarkable dedication to ongoing medicine and physiology. The CPAP program which he planned and executed, was absolutely original and highly successful in the province.

Since relocating to Calgary, and beginning his work with Respiratory Homecare Solutions, he has continued his stellar work in sleep and respiration. In my role as a respiratory researcher, and director of a sleep laboratory, I have frequent opportunity to interact with Mr. Rousseau on all manner of topics pertaining to patient care, respiratory physiology, and sleep medicine. In all of these areas he continues to excel. At this time, I consider Mr. Rousseau to be the most accomplished individual in the RRT community in southern Alberta. Certainly for any difficult management problem, or any situation that requires a deft touch and diplomacy, he is my preferred contact.