Your professional care facility is unique

Your oxygen program should be too!

RHS Is An Extension of Your Clinical Care Team!

RHS is an oxygen service provider certified by Accreditation Canada that provides oxygen services and customized clinical education to long-term care facilities. Our registered respiratory therapists will assess your facility’s oxygen needs and provide you a custom oxygen program. We offer a wide selection of oxygen products and provide 24/7 support to meet the needs of your patient residents and staff.

24/7 Oxygen Support

Registered Respiratory therapist on-call 24 /7 for patient assessment and support.

Customized treatment for resident patient oxygen needs.

Trained delivery team assesses equipment and completes general maintenance.


Highly Train Team

Accredited by Accreditation Canada

All Registered Respiratory Therapist are certified by Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists.

Specialized in evaluating and treating cardiopulmonary function.

Clinical Education

Develop clinical educational packages for your facility

Offering staff in-service education clinics to ensure effective oxygen therapy for your residents

Provide training and support in oxygen therapy for new team members.

Oxygen Equipment

Invest in new oxygen equipment to meet the needs of your facility and your resident patient oxygen requirements.

Travel options available for cross-Canada or International travel

Oxygen Equipment for Long Term Care Facilities

Our oxygen therapy program utilizes the latest technology and we will invest in our facility by provided the newest equipment available including the following:

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen is stored in the gaseous form, compressed and under high pressure in an aluminum cylinder or steel tank. There are many cylinder & tank sizes available. Smaller sizes may be used for outings or to back-up another system.

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a stationary device that creates supplementary oxygen. It removes other gases in the air and provides high purity supplemental oxygen.

Concentrators are:
• Cost-efficient
• Low maintenance and don’t require refilling
• Easy to use in the home when you do not
need to move the unit around
• Powered by an electrical outlet

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are light and compact making them ideal for daily activities and travel. A POC provides oxygen in either Pulse flow or Continuous flow (depending on model). They are powered by an electrical outlet or with a rechargeable battery. Car adapters are available for use while driving.

Home Fill Oxygen System

Home fill oxygen systems are advanced and high capacity equipment for the home that combines an oxygen concentrator and a filling station to meet the needs of oxygen patients.

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